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"A SONG FOR TWO" Silk Screen Print ED.50

¥33,000 税込



title. "A SONG FOR TWO" edition. 50 medium. Silkscreen print on paper size. 450×450mm sign. YES PRINT EXCHANGE. 不定期で最初で最後か? 1月に印刷屋さんから版の保管期間の期日の連絡を受け2月に最後の50枚だけ印刷しました。僕の好きな色で構成した二人の物語です。 発送にお時間をいただくかもしれませんが予めご了承ください。 Is it irregular, first and last? In January, the printing shop notified me of the expiration date of the plate storage period, and in February I printed only the last 50 sheets. It's a story of two people in my favorite color. Please note that it may take some time to ship. Thanks, RYUJI KAMIYAMA